Blue Muse: Book & CD Package

Type: Book & CD Package
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Music Maker Relief Foundation celebrates 25 years with the release of Blue Muse album and book!

About the book:

The tintype is rooted in more than 150 years of photographic method. In this collection of extraordinary portraits, Timothy Duffy brings new vitality to this old form, capturing powerful images of musicians who represent the roots of American music. These American blues, jazz, and folk artists are living expressions of a cultural legacy, made and remade by everyday people and passed down through generations. In the hands of the people in Duffy’s portraits, centuries-old traditions find new expression in this digital millennium. Likewise, Duffy’s photographic techniques fuse old forms and the original collodion wet plates with modern lighting. In this collaboration between photographer and artist, music and image meet around a history of struggle, adaptability, and creativity. It is this ethos that Duffy captures in his tintypes. Published in association with the New Orleans Museum of Art | 152 pp., 12 x 12, 60 color plates

About the album:

Blue Muse is a musical testament to the 25 year history of the Music Maker Relief Foundation and its partner artists. The album features 21 tracks, most of which were recorded by Music Maker founder Timothy Duffy, that capture the infinite complexity of Traditional American Music. Blue Muse artfully places some of the most important musicians you’ve never heard alongside rockstars and longtime Music Maker supporters Taj Mahal, Eric Clapton, and Dom Flemons.

Blue Muse is a remarkable retrospective on a quarter-century of work done by the Music Maker Relief Foundation to sustain and preserve the America’s roots music traditions and serves as musical companion Blue Muse: Timothy Duffy’s Southern Photographs, published by UNC Press, available February 25th, 2019, and accompanying an exhibition organized by the New Orleans Museum of Art, on view April 25th – July 28th, 2019.