Cootie Stark - Sugar Man

Type: CD
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Stark has been universally praised in his first years as an international blues figure. His abrasive, percussive guitar style melds with a vocal arsenal that ranges from a roughhewn gospel shout to a tight, pretty vibrato. Both European and American concert-goers have been held captive by Stark's raw and powerful performances. On his first recording, "Sugar Man", listeners receive the true, oral tradition of the blues. Stark's timeless versions of familiar and obscure songs show us that deep-rooted blues are still alive and vibrant. Featuring Taj Mahal & Lee Konitz, Sugar Man doesn’t merely proclaim “Cootie Stark was here.” It is evidence that Stark was, and is, an idiosyncratic, tremendously talented musician. It’s a sonic monument, and a mirror that immediately blurs the textbook pages dedicated to Piedmont Blues. It’s a big deal.