Hanging Tree Guitars CD

Type: CD
Price: $10.00


Freeman Vines’ lifelong search for a tone was driven by the music and sounds that surrounded him. The guitar playing from a rural church service, a staticky radio station, and even the wind blowing through the trees propelled Mr. Vines on his enduring sonic journey.

Since the early 1990s, Timothy Duffy has been recording musicians from the deepest parts of the Southern US. This musical accompaniment for Hanging Tree Guitars features songs from Duffy’s archive along with three songs performed by the Vines family. The compilation provides a glimpse into the music that inspired Freeman Vines’ lifelong search for a tone.


1/ Rufus McKenzie - Slavery Time Blues

2/ James Davis - Turning Point

3/ Bishop Dready Manning - Hard Luck & Trouble

4/ Guitar Gabriel - Southland Blues

5/ Adolphus Bell - Black Man's Dream

6/ John Lee Zeigler - John Henry

7/ Dr. G.B. Burt - Clock on the Wall

8/ The Glorifying Vines Sisters - Get Ready

9/ Faith & Harmony - Victory

10/ Elder Anderson Johnson - Glory, Glory

11/ Johnny Ray Daniels - Somewhere to Lay My Head

12/ Guitar Slim Stephens - Amazing Grace